Same quality and efficacy, better packaging

July 28, 2023
We are constantly looking for ways to improve the strength and durability of our packaging. Therefore, Amuco 600 will be getting an upgrade on its packaging over the next few months to include a new and improved lid on the tube of these effervescent tablets.
Amuco 600, like all Austell products, are packaged by reputable international companies that adhere to strict global guidelines, ensuring that the packaging used for these incredible products are of the highest international standards. To keep up with these international standards, Austell will be changing the lids on all the tubes of Amuco 600 effervescent tablets to make them stronger and more durable.

What is Amuco 600?
Amuco 600 is a mucolytic that breaks up the mucus and phlegm in sinuses and airways, making it thin and watery so that it is easier for the body to remove. It can also be used in the treatment of acute airway conditions e.g., colds, flu, bronchitis or even certain allergies, that cause the increased production of mucus or phlegm. Amuco 600 is available as effervescent tablets and is suitable for adults and teenagers over the age of 14 years. With its great lemon taste, Amuco 600’s easy and convenient once daily dose helps to clear up congestion, so that you can get better faster. Manufactured and packaged at an international level, Amuco contains the highest quality ingredients, created and packaged in world-class facilities.

The Austell promise
At Austell Pharmaceuticals, we are governed by a set of core values to ensure that we always provide medicine with a conscience. One of these values is to not only ensure that we produce the highest quality products, but that we also provide superior packaging for all these products. In the last few years, we have improved the packaging of Amuco 600 by ensuring that it is made from eco-friendly material making it recyclable and better for the environment. We also introduced braille onto the packaging to allow the visually impaired to read the packaging. Through these improvements, Austell remains committed to safe and effective treatments that are backed by clinical trials with world-class eco-friendly packaging that are in line with our company ethos to deliver medicine with a conscience.
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